This Guy Built a Rustic Cabin Man Cave In His Basement for $107

The room when he started…

log-cabin-man-cave (4)


Old crate wood that a local metal company used for shipping

log-cabin-man-cave (7)


A draw knife was used to make each board look hand cut.

log-cabin-man-cave (5)


The planks going up.

log-cabin-man-cave (9)


All wall boards in place!

log-cabin-man-cave (1)


A fake roof will be installed so he can access duct work and plumbing.

log-cabin-man-cave (3)


The stone for the fireplace was found on the side of the road for FREE!

log-cabin-man-cave (8)


This beam was one of the few things purchased, it was aged and stained.

log-cabin-man-cave (2)


He made a table with leftover lumber.

log-cabin-man-cave (10)


The same wood as the wall boards was used for the floor. He ripped them down…

log-cabin-man-cave (6)


Look at that roaring fireplace.

log-cabin-man-cave (11)


A table made from leftover wood.

log-cabin-man-cave (12)

log-cabin-man-cave (13)

log-cabin-man-cave (14)

Finished Man Cave! Took about 6 weeks, with about half that time spent scavenging materials. The construction cost me $107 in materials. Everything else was free.



What an awesome way to work with minimal materials and funds.  If only I had the time to do this now.  Thanks to Redditt user, kelhans, originally posted this masterpiece.

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